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Kate is a multi-hyphenated billing and coding fanatic and a highly caffeinated cycle revenue dreamer.

The Fastest Way to ICD-11 is through ICD-10…

Time doesn’t wait for anyone and it sure isn’t waiting too long for ICD-11. In Switzerland, the WHO (World Health Organization) is busy concocting the new code set with a projected release in 2018. Braced yourself? Good. Now breathe, because it took 17 years to implement ICD-10 after it was released by our federal government, […]


Fill Two Needs with One Deed? Not Always…

It’s a no-brainer: you’re busy (read: swamped), the schedule is jam-packed,  and patients are not so patient. The most time-saving visit is the “split billing” combo known as a well visit and a sick visit, or so it seems. “The ICD-10 strictly limits the circumstances under which a provider may report a preventative visit and […]


If at First You Don’t Succeed, Drop What Ails You

For many of you who have not heard of the Two Midnight Rule that CMS revealed in late 2013, don’t fret. It is only the beginning of the end. In order to emanate simplicity for hospitals and provider shareholders alike and to “address the higher frequency of beneficiaries being treated as hospital outpatients” (CMS.gov), a […]


The (Upgraded) Morale Booster Plus You

You may have already heard that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has recently revealed its newest and biggest initiative to not only increase efficacy, but to completely revolutionize the primary care field in the United States. This new endeavor is built upon the current system, Comprehensive Primary Care (CPC), and is very […]


See you at the SoPE!

This week, the MBP Team had the pleasure of attending SoPE’s (Society of Physician Entrepreneurs) event on Communication: The Art of Knowing What to Say, How Much to Say….and When to Shut Up!  Despite having lost our way and driving around in infinite loops, the team had an absolute blast and the information gained from […]