November 19, 2019

Dealing with Difficult and Non-Compliant Patients

In the best practices and hospitals throughout the country that get exceptional results and retain highly-skilled staff, there is one element in common—all of them still deal with difficult and non-compliant patients. Every practice encounters difficult patients who may push back against advice or flat out ignore it altogether. How can you deal with different types of difficult and non-compliant patients?

Non-Compliant Patients

These patients refuse to follow your advice, and it can be particularly stressful when your reimbursement is tied to your healthcare outcomes. When working with non-compliant patients, it is best to be direct. Start by asking the patient how you can communicate more effectively. Make an effort to understand why they are non-compliant. Has their diagnosis been properly explained? Does the patient lack the money or time for proper care? Is the patient embarrassed by their condition? This can help you to find a solution to the non-compliance.

In more extreme cases, telling the patient that they are interfering with effective care and even, if necessary, refusing to be their doctor can work. Always document what you told the patient and every detail in case things come into question in the future.

Patients with a Bad Attitude

Many patients coping with chronic and painful conditions are irritable and frustrated. That means that sometimes doctors bear the brunt of that frustration. Have empathy for your patients and stay calm. Instead of standing, sit at eye level and actively listen to the patient instead of constantly taking notes. Making things more comfortable for the patient shows that, even if you cannot provide a positive diagnosis, you care.

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