October 18, 2019

6 Essential Tips for Motivating Your Employees

Motivating your staff to do their best every day may seem like a difficult task. However, keeping your staff motivated is often one of the keys to a successful practice. It decreases employee turnover, increases practice morale, improves workflow and operations and even can affect patient retention. Happy and motivated staff can radiate such positive energy that it’s felt by all around them!

6 Essential Tips for Motivating Your Employees:

  1. Team Environment: Create an environment where everyone works as a team. Your staff will be much more productive and inclined to help each other when they’re part of the same team.
  2. Set Goals and Expectations: Hold regular staff meetings to set goals for the practice and monitor the progress. Be open to hearing what your staff members have to say and work with them to create goals that are realistic and achievable. Also, explain your expectations for each staff member, so they know and understand their role in achieving the goals and what you expect them to contribute. When members of your staff are part of the goal-setting process and have a clear understanding of their expectations, they are more inclined to meet and exceed them. 
  3. Provide Training: Make sure your staff feels like there is an opportunity to learn and grow. By investing in their continuous education, you’re showing your staff that they matter and you care about their future. It also benefits you, because the more knowledgeable and up-to-date your staff are, the better off your practice will be. Be sure to discuss with them what they learned at the trainings and how it can be implemented in your practice, if applicable. Also, find out what future trainings they may be interested in attending, so you can plan for it.
  4. Growth Opportunities: Figure out a plan that offers growth opportunities for your staff. It’s better to have them stay with you long-term, in various roles, than to constantly look for new hires. Talk to each member of your team to find out what their interests and goals are and develop a plan on how it can be achieved in your practice. Let them see a lasting future of working with your practice.
  5. Listen to your Staff: Make it a habit to ask your employees for their opinions, especially if there are some issues you’re struggling to address, or your practice is generally going through a rough patch. Find out from each department of your practice what is working well and what could use improvement, so you can brainstorm as a team the best solutions. Also, taking reasonable suggestions and listening to constructive feedback will not only give you a new perspective but will show your staff that they are valuable to your practice. 
  6. Offer Incentives: Get your team excited about achieving your goals and exceeding expectations by offering incentives. You can offer bonuses based on certain measurable and attainable objectives, such as new patient registration, patient satisfaction, cash-flow, clean-claim submission, etc. The more your team is rewarded for their hard work, the more motivated they will be!

Be sure to celebrate successes and share the joy with each team member, don’t just focus on what still needs improvement. Most importantly, don’t forget to show gratitude and genuine appreciation, as those are sometimes the most essential motivators and are easily overlooked. When staff feels valued and appreciated, their work performance drastically goes up! 

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