September 26, 2019

Marketing for a Medical Practice

In the ever-changing worlds of medicine and marketing, it can be hard to keep pace. Try to keep in mind that marketing for a medical practice is an investment and while results may take some time to manifest, it’s important to remember that marketing is an ongoing process, rather than a one-time thing. It involves maintaining your relationships with your customers just as much as it involves advertising to them. The research and effort required to be effective is often more than physicians have time for, yet the benefits are more than worth the costs. Specialization is huge in any industry, so if the marketing for your medical practice is top-tier, you’re more likely to be selected than non-marketing practices. Here are some ideas for setting your practice apart from the others:

5 Strategies when Marketing a Medical Practice:

  1. Build a Website – simple enough, right? Every professional company has a website with their information readily available, and medical practices should be no different. This is a job best suited for an outsourced freelancer or company, which are relatively inexpensive! The first place people look for a doctor’s office is the internet, so make sure yours is on the list!
  2. Use Testimonials – word of mouth is one of, if not the most, powerful marketing tools we have. Unfortunately, we cannot control how people talk about our companies, but we can give them an unforgettable experience through outstanding customer service and set an expectation for excellence. People love to tell their friends about reliable, trustworthy service – regardless of the industry. Utilize your happy customers and share their testimonials. Be sure to always ask your patients to leave you a review. If you ever get a negative review, make sure you address it—don’t just ignore it.
  3. Stay in Touch – via email, newsletters and social media – ALL of which can be used for free. Not only will customers see your marketing for medical practice efforts more often, but they will think of you more often when they, or a loved one, need medical attention! Increased exposure to target audiences leads to increased traffic, which leads to more money for your practice. It’s an efficient and effective strategy, so get started today!
  4. Network – get to know the specialists and other providers in your area, get involved with your local medical society, and start connecting with others in your community. The more other physicians get to know you, the higher the chance that they will refer to you. Let them know how you’re different and what you can do for their patients.
  5. Brand and a logo – create brand consistency, practice unity, and an image with a powerful logo for your practice. Develop something that’s easily recognizable, memorable, and unique to you. Keep it consistent in your office, online, and in all your promotions.  

Remember—marketing works well, if the image you portray (via online or in person) is authentic. Everything starts with excellent customer service experience. From the moment the patient calls to schedule an appointment, to how they are welcomed and treated by the provider, all the way until they leave your office, it’s extremely important that the patient feels comfortable, and receives the upmost attention and care. This will help make your office stand out from the rest and increase your popularity in the community!

Work with Medical Business Partners

Medical Business Partners conducts many trainings, including front office and staff customer service education and training. The content is customized to your specific setting and requirements. In addition, Medical Business Partners provides coding audits, leads educational trainings, forums, and boot camps for staff and physicians. To learn more about our practice improvement consulting services or other ways we can help you increase your revenues, please contact us through our website or by calling (202) 390-3966.

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