August 19, 2019

The Real Problem of Physician Burnout

Did you know that physician burnout costs the United States healthcare system an average of $4.6 billion every year? That cost can be seen in hospitals and practices every day when mistakes are made, physicians experience the health effects of working such a demanding job and practices are unable to operate efficiently. Are you experiencing the effects of physician burnout? Medical Business Partners can help.

The Signs of Physician Burnout

The symptoms of physician burnout can vary depending on the person and include:

  • Exhaustion (physically, emotionally, spiritually)
  • Cynicism: You feel like you cannot empathize with patients or connect with family members, coworkers or patients in the same way
  • Doubt: You might start to doubt that you are making any difference in the lives of patients or question the worth of what you are doing
  • No Time: Work is taking over your life, and you don’t feel like you have the time to do the things that you want to anymore
  • Mistakes: As burnout continues, it can lead to a higher number of mistakes or small errors that you wouldn’t normally make

The Side Effects of Physician Burnout

Part of why doctor burnout is such a serious problem is that it can be fatal for both doctors and patients. Burnout levels are directly linked to:

  • Decreased patient satisfaction levels
  • Lower quality of care
  • High staff, nurse and physician turnover
  • Higher malpractice risk
  • Higher medical error rates
  • Higher incidences of doctor addiction, drug abuse and suicide

The Prevention of Physician Burnout

Because burnout is such a serious problem, preventing it is essential to the health of your patients and your medical practice. How can you streamline your practice to improve efficiency and remove some of the paperwork and tedium that increase stress levels? Though you need to be in the know about all aspects of running a medical practice,  it is critical to work with the best team. Utilize their expertise to ease the financial, admin, and regulatory burden of operating a successful practice. Working with your team, hand in hand, allows you to focus more on patient care while maintaining peach of mind that the business side of medicine is also running smoothly.

Medical Business Partners helps numerous practices through a range of services designed to relieve stress and optimize your practice, including:

  • Comprehensive financial and billing review, analysis, and recommendations
  • Coding audit/assessment and education
  • Credentialing and Re-credentialing
  • New practice start-up guidance
  • Workflow improvement
  • Customer service training
  • Staff training
  • Business and ancillary services development
  • Software advice and guidance

Reduce Physician Burnout with Medical Business Partners

Medical Business Partners conducts many coding audits, leads educational trainings, forums, and boot camps for staff and physicians. To learn more about our coding and billing services, start-up consulting, credentialing services or other ways we can help you increase your revenues, please contact us through our website or by calling (202) 390-3966.

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At Medical Business Partners it is our mission to empower physicians to succeed in the ever-changing healthcare environment by improving billing, streamlining operations, and eliminating all inefficiencies.