March 16, 2016

See you at the SoPE!

This week, the MBP Team had the pleasure of attending SoPE’s (Society of Physician Entrepreneurs) event on Communication: The Art of Knowing What to Say, How Much to Say….and When to Shut Up!  Despite having lost our way and driving around in infinite loops, the team had an absolute blast and the information gained from this event was invaluable. As soon as we stepped into the meeting room it was as though each person had a light bulb atop of their craniums. The room was lit with excited conversation and the typical forced semantics ceased to exist. It was a crowd of genuine interest, relevant curiosities and the fervor of marketing and networking.  

We were soon called to take our seats and thus began the presentation with Dr. Jeffrey Hausfeld, who is not only an excellent retired medical doctor and real estate entrepreneur but the co-founder of SoPE itself. After a brief introduction and a few questions raised to the audience, Dr. Hausfeld called up the first presenter: Nicholas Peters. This man is a force to reckoned with.

With a natural broadcast voice and gripping enthusiasm, Mr. Peters gave us the rundown on how to simply give your message efficiently with the million-dollar question: WIIFM (what’s in it for me)? With his many years in journalism and current position as senior executive in public relations and crisis communications, Mr. Peter’s advice is concrete, productive and most importantly, effective.  

The next presenter was Nancy Rose Senich from Nancy Rose & Associates. She is brilliant in her own right and currently owns one of the most successful marketing and public relations firms on the East Coast. Ms. Senich explains the necessity of having a solid marketing strategy behind every business – no matter how small. From the color of your website, the font that you use, the leave behind that you print out at your local Kinko’s; no detail is small enough and that is how the success of her clients builds the rapport of her firm.

Last but not least was Debbi Burrell, former Congressional Chief of Staff, who currently owns her own company that provides strategic government marketing services. Ms. Burrell gave us the intricate knowledge of the complex web that deals with lobbying, speaking with your senator and marketing your brand in a way that gets you a cancellation of the senator’s next appointment. She is a mover and shaker who understands the ins and outs of something that is absolutely alien to most entrepreneurs. Her advice was priceless considering all her hard work at the Hill.

The MBP Team was ecstatic to be a part of such dynamic and inspiring presentations. The sales, marketing, and government knowledge will be related to all our practices to help them grow their business. We are very proud to be a part of this group and have the opportunities to gain insight into the best and cutting edge healthcare trends that will help our clients.

If you get a chance, you should absolutely attend a SoPE event and check out their website


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